December Loves + What’s in My Bag

I love a lot of things. So much so that I just need to make a whole post about them.


I’ve realized I’m a very nosy person. I love seeing what people have in their bags. Everyone has their own system and tips and tricks. After watching probably 85% of the What’s in My Bag videos available, I have finally figured out exactly what I need.



Its minty. Its moisturizing. It’s packaging is perfect.


Flowerbomb is and will always be my favorite scent. This will probably not be true in a few years, but I just want to be dramatic to explain and profess my love for this scent.


Okay, this scent is not my favorite. It is not bad, but it is basically baby powder. I love the  brand, the packaging, and it is small enough for my relatively anti-spacious bag.

Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 1.58.51 PM.png


Potatoes – Something so simple has so many possibilities. I’ve been trying to eat healthy recently and have been making my own fries and breakfast potatoes.

Fries: Slice into fry shape, add spices, 400 degrees for 35 minutes.

Breakfast potatoes: Steam so the potatoes are soft-ish. Heat a pan and add butter. It should immediately snap crackle and pop. Add potatoes until brown and crispy. I’m too obsessed.

.  .  .

Smoothies – Again, I’m trying to eat healthy. Smoothies are effortlessly healthy. That sneaky type of healthy.  I add frozen mangos, frozen pineapple, bananas, spinach, chia seeds. I use a Nutri Bullet and my cat hates the loud noise. She is anti-smoothie.

.  .  .

Veggie Pasta – This is so good that I actually crave it every day. I add cooked linguini noodles to a pan that has crushed up cherry tomatoes, spinach, and green beans (sometimes broccoli). Cut the tomatoes in the pan so the juice is simmering. It creates its own thin sauce. Even typing this right now makes me want to make this as soon as possible.


Is it sad that when I think of my favorites I instantly think of coffee?

Caramel Lattes.

Iced Caramel Lattes.

Regular Coffee.

Cappuccinos with cinnamon.

I make my own, I order them when I’m out (Almost every day, it is becoming problematic).

Coffee with french toast, pancakes, and blueberry muffins.


My #1 hobby is going to the movie theater. Is that a hobby?

Now that Christmas break has graced me with its presence, I have already gone to the movie theater 3 times in…5 days.

Nocturnal Animals – First scene is so uncomfortable to see with your parents that I was laughing awkwardly the whole time. Other than that, great movie. Love you, Jake G.

Manchester by the Sea – This movie was so good that its 2 and a half hour long length felt like 30 minutes. Beautiful scenery, and the story was so realistic I did not want it to end. Definitely recommend.

I went to the theater two days in a row, wore the same outfit, and ordered popcorn both times. I didn’t ask to be a role model.


The 8 ball pool app is oddly more fun than actual pool. Maybe that is because I can actually win a game.

Duolingo – I’m trying to learn French, because I wish I was French on most days.


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