New York City: “To-Done” List

She Blogs Now is back!

Who knew moving to the craziest city in America, and attending one of the best fashion schools in the world, was going to take up a lot of my time?

I am currently apart of the Blush Magazine at FIT. I am beginning to contribute articles for the online website about beauty and fashion. Seems only appropriate.

Although my search for an internship is no walk in Central Park, I still have found the time to pencil in “fun.” Yes, sometimes fun needs to be scheduled.

That “fun” has lead to the discovery of some very cool places. Here are some of my favorite places/experiences that should be on your To-Do list (that I have To-Done):

IMG_0469I know you just got to the city, but take the train to the bordering towns/suburbs. Everyone needs a break from the hustle.


Bryant Park in the Fall/Winter time is picturesque. Vendors set up food and knick-knack stands, so you can eat a taco and buy a candle at the same time.


Go to Central Park. Every part of Central Park.


I walk to Chelsea Market almost twice a week, every week. (For your own good, go to Chelsea Market for the Los Tacos No.1 stand, the gelato, the donuts, the coffee, the shops, and the bookstore).


Stepping foot on a street within the borders of China Town will have you convinced you transported to a different country within seconds. The culture, the amazing food, the unique meats, can all be seen in China Town. Vanessa’s Dumpling House is famous and amazing.

Until next time, Rachel xoxo

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